Technology and Thoughts

Fixing Serialization exception in Jenkins pipeline - 28 Sep 2019

I recently needed to parse a text file and convert it to a json file, all within a Jenkins pipeline. I ran into some interesting issues during that process that i’d like to share.

Removing empty strings in a list - 17 Jan 2018

I’ve needed on occassion to remove empty strings or entries from a list in python. These are the ways I could think of removing those empty strings.

Filter collectd metrics - 18 May 2015

Recently I’ve needed to filter some of the metrics being shipped from collectd agents to our graphite instance.

Configuring powerline on Fedora - 04 Mar 2014

I wanted to checkout powerline, as lately I’ve seen several great looking screenshots.

A simple script for creating posts - 01 Mar 2014

I’m very new to jekyll. I think the fact that is a simple and lightweight system is appealing to me. In trying it out, the one thing I wasn’t able to find was a an easy way to create _posts entries. I also noticed that jekyll did not have any built-in capability to create these files for me, so i create a script for myself to do it easily.